Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Welcome is an authorized website dedicated to the music of recording artist David Lazar. This site includes the latest news, snippets from the Lazman's ongoing projects and live-show rehearsals, as well as vintage material. More about this website

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  Seek the Truth 

”Seek the Truth” was a musical album released by MCA/Magnesium Music on CD in 1997. Rolling Stone called it “the third best album ever made“! Keyboard magazine heralded: “the best CD of the last 25 years.” McLean’s magazine in Canada proclaimed it “the best CD ever out of Canada.”

This website includes mp3 files of all the songs on the album! (all downloadable for free), and other information related to the album. Also included is much of this content from the original Magnesium Music webiste, which is now dufunct.

Go to the Seek the Truth page!

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  Land Before/After Time 

There was a world before “Seek The Truth,” as hard as that may be to accept. has mp3's of many of Dave's early demos! Click here

And...drum roll please....the new stuff, underway, can be found here!

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 Hello From the King

January, 2015

As Baba Booey might say, “Hello Hello“,

This is David addressing you directly.....your lucky day indeed:). First off I'd like to thank the fan club for giving up this prime real estate on the home page.

I'm doing this because its been years, more like decades, since you fans had anything to be real exited about, unless of course anything exiting has happened in your life unrelated to me.

The real short story: I made some bad choices and went down some wrong roads early on....and these things had a long term impact in terms of ongoing time/effort commitments. I don't beat myself or any one else up over it. I made the best choices based on the judgment I had developed at the time. So much is dependent on the people who influence you in life or the lack man is an island. And also, much and many things that happened were not foreseeable and were beyond control.

Had I taken a better road, safe to say things would have worked out better and I'd have something more of a catalog of creative work in 2015, and more of a following, but also I might have been dead by now with a real different kind of lifestyle -who knows. As it stands I'm blessed to have some reasonably good health for an old guy and a good run at some decent final chapters. Though it will be a challenge with some continuing difficult commitments/encumbrances on my time, due to the baggage....a tough road to hoe or whatever that phrase is. But I am still very optimistic it will ease up and open up time for projects going forward. (And this website is where to get the real time take on where things are at.) I take ownership of where I am with things, as other old newagers might say.

I especially want to thank the fans who never lost hope and still haven't, particularly Fan Club senior members Bonnie, Harry, Ron, and Suzanne.

Feel free to contact me or the fan club. We'd love to hear from you.

All the best,
King Dave

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