Monday, October 20, 2014

Welcome is an authorized website dedicated to the music of recording artist David Lazar. This site includes the latest news, snippets from the Lazman's ongoing projects and live-show rehearsals, as well as vintage material. More about this website

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  Seek the Truth 

”Seek the Truth” was a musical album released by MCA/Magnesium Music on CD in 1997. Rolling Stone called it “the third best album ever made“! Keyboard magazine heralded: “the best CD of the last 25 years.” McLean’s magazine in Canada proclaimed it “the best CD ever out of Canada.”

This website includes mp3 files of all the songs on the album! (all downloadable for free), and other information related to the album. Also included is much of this content from the original Magnesium Music webiste, which is now dufunct.

Go to the Seek the Truth page!

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  The Land Before Time 

There was a world before “Seek The Truth,” as hard as that may be to accept. has mp3's of many of Dave's early demos! Click here

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  DRJINGLES BIRTHDAY BASH Friday April 3, 2009!

David plays with the legendary DrJingles at his Free Times Cafe birthday bash this Friday!

9:15 pm for a 45 minute set.

Free Times Cafe
320 College Street
Toronto, ON M5T 1S3
(416) 967-1078

Note that the complete show is 5 hours, from 8pm until at least 1am! -with Lawrie playing throughout. The special guest lineup includes a virtual who's who of the Toronto music scene. Check out Lawrie's Facebook event including his comment below the listing at:

     -Ron Grimster and Bonnie Burns

The Lazman Is Back!

200709 Toronto

Well, Dave kind of disappeared again there for over two years! Before that is was 5 years. Before that 3 years and 5 years and 13 years - we're talking about disappearing from the musical scene of course. This time around his life really has changed, and we believe for the better! For one thing, according to the paparazzi, he's lost a large amount of weight!  Also, sources assure us that David is ready to devote some time to music, both to live shows and to producing the long-awaited 2ND album!

Thanks to fan Fran Gerginshy for submitting some recent images . We can use some more:

Bonnie Burns and Suzanne Stein

The Next Big Thing

After all these years, Dave is finally working on a second album! The working title is “Guest of Honor.” has the inside scoop. Just click here for the Second Album Project Page. 

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